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What We Do



Real Estate Transactions can be lucrative investments. At our offices, we strive on providing and reviewing the offers to purchase, and making sure that you are well protected. We also prepare transfers and all other legal documents pertaining to the transaction in order for you to have a pleasant and easy experience





Once the tenant is found and the price has been agreed upon as well as the other general terms, it is easy to forget that the final step in the process could be one of the most important- effectively negotiating and communicating the specific terms of your lease. At our offices, our mantra is to seek a “WIN-WIN” approach as much as possible by effectively seeking out the interests of all parties before entering into such an important commitment.

We provide our opinions and prepare all pertinent financing documents, such as mortgages, chattel mortgages and promissory notes. Considering how important these documents are for you, we make great efforts in providing timely and swift assistance while being as thorough as possible, at preferential rates.

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